I'm so excited you are here! This blog is all about helping you find personal, business, and philanthropic success as a millennial. I am kind of obsessed with success, what it means, and how to attain it. I think success can be achieved multiple ways which is why I choose to focus on three paths to success instead of just one (who wants to only be successful in one way anyway!)

Navigating the adult world can be tough! I'm far from figuring it out, but I want to help others struggling to find success in their lives. Collectively this whole adulting thing can be figured out! 

My hope is that the content of this blog brings you at least one step closer to finding success in your life. I'm here to help and would love to hear any questions or comments you have. You can also just say hi because I would love that!


In case you are curious... Here's my (abbreviated) story

I graduated from Architecture school in 2015 and immediately had no idea what I wanted to do, which is silly since I graduated with an architecture degree. I did the most logical thing and picked up a marketing job at a small company. Three months later I quit and a week after that I founded a 501(c)(3) called Design Cause Inc. I was hell-bent on building classrooms I had designed in university and helping a community I was working with in Cameroon. 

After a year of some serious struggling trying to figure out how to fundraise and run an organization things came together, and I moved to rural Africa for 9 weeks. Here is a picture of the school when it was completed. 

I'm hiding in the shade, but I was really happy when it was finished!

I'm hiding in the shade, but I was really happy when it was finished!

After I got home and my tan faded I was faced with the question, 'what now?' - I had no idea what to do next. 

The confusion got real at this point and I decided I would combat it by trying a lot of things. I started a pet sitting business, did freelance graphic design, helped my parents with online marketing and website design, dabbled in becoming a nonprofit consultant, my charity took on another project, and I still was no closer to figuring out what my passion was. It was, and still is, torture!

When I started talking to friends about this issue I found that not only was I not alone but EVERYONE was feeling the same way, and that's when I decided to start this blog. 


Now that you know my story I'd love to learn more about you! DM me on Instagram, Hit me up on Facebook, send me an email, and definitely sign up for the weekly newsletter!


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