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Hey i'm kelsey

and this blog is for you


People ask me why I started this blog and it's very simple. I want to help the amazing people trying to make something out of nothing in the challenging nonprofit sector. 

When I founded my organization (Design Cause Inc) I was filled with optimism and naivety but quickly found out that it just wasn't enough. I was looking everywhere for help but couldn't find it. There was nothing out there for new or very small nonprofits. Seriously nothing. Now that I have achieved some success in my organization I want to give back to the people who are creating real impact in the world. 


Work with me

Are you lost and confused about how to run the organization you created?

working with me can help you:

- Market your organization and gain followers and fans

- Create effective and engaging fundraising strategies that bring in money for your organization so you can focus on your mission.

- Structure your organization internally so it runs smoothly and seamlessly 

and much more!